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Prolific, Practical, & Profitable

DynamoXG was released in July 2020 to work side by side to PhoeniXG and offer you a new risk profile.

Did you know that many of the world’s most significant and remarkable inventions were developed by complete accident? Sir Alexander Fleming only discovered Penicillin after throwing out a contaminated Petri dish from one of his experiments. He noticed that the mould dissolved all the bacteria around it, and found that it contained the powerful antibiotic that saved so many lives.

  • The Microwave Oven
  • The Slinky
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Viagra
  • Fireworks

Our latest value betting strategy was born in the same fashion. While we wouldn’t dare equate it with chocolate chip cookies, we believe it could cause you a similarly joyous sensation!

Phoeni Xg was released last month. While we are already confident of its success, we continue to work hard to find new ways to improve profitability. As the Mercurius R&D team sought out methods of boosting PhoeniXG’s annual returns, they discovered something quite remarkable.

A different risk profile

At Mercurius, we understand that investors have different appetites for risk. We also firmly believe that everyone should have a portfolio that’s diversified in terms of assets and risk profile. Even conservative individuals should have a small percentage of their investments dedicated to riskier enterprises that carry a higher potential reward.

This is one of the reasons why we decided to release DynamoXG, after much hesitation. PhoeniXG is ideal for individuals seeking a more robust and reliable asset. It beautifully combines lower risk with extremely high returns and a low maximum drawdown. DynamoXG is different in many ways but similar in others. For example, both strategies are RoMaD-driven (Return on Capital over Max Drawdown) and are built using the same core and principles. If you opt for DynamoXG, you receive all the benefits of PhoeniXG, including:

  • An enormous Return on Capital (ROC)
  • Long-Term Profits
  • Value Bets for a Killer Market Edge
  • Complete Automation
  • A staking plan based on Kelly’s Criterion capped at 1%.
  • Compounding stakes to maximise profitability.

However, there is a significant difference:

More Bets & More Risk

DynamoXG is specially designed for investors who want more action, and are willing to accept the risks. While PhoeniXG acts like a scalpel, surgically striking whenever there is value, DynamoXG is more akin to a sledgehammer. It bludgeons the Betfair Exchange whenever it spots a significant enough market edge. Like its brother, DynamoXG operates at lightning speed, and dynamically makes the right bets for our clients.

Here is a quick comparison of DynamoXG and PhoeniXG:

PhoeniXG Versus DynamoXG

PhoeniXG DynamoXG
Annualized ROC 27% 37%
Bets to recover worst drawdown over the total number of bets 68 281
Yearly volatility 23% 36.98%
Yield 17.21% 9.03%

As you can see, the main difference between the two is the level of risk. Over five years of backtesting has shown the incredible capabilities of DynamoXG. Choosing it over PhoeniXG means a higher:

  • Annual ROC.
  • Number of bets.
  • Average odds.
  • Average turnover.

It also means greater:

  • Volatility.
  • Number of bets to recover maximum drawdown.

There is a slight difference in the leagues covered by each option. There are also some variances in the triggers required for placing orders and the type of selected outcome.

Rollercoaster or Riverboat?

PhoeniXG is designed to provide smoother sailing for investors, like a pleasant cruise down a peaceful river. In contrast, DynamoXG is a rollercoaster with higher peaks and troughs. As the average odds are slightly higher, it is only natural that the strike rate becomes lower. The result is longer losing streaks, but an overall more significant potential for profit.

Like PhoeniXG, it operates on a Bayesian Network, which means it is self-improving. DynamoXG will continue to get stronger in the weeks and months ahead. It will never allow a losing run to cloud its judgment, nor will it become overconfident in the face of a great spell.

In the end, it is all about the data. Both strategies are the product of years of investment and use an extraordinary number of data points. Both will provide positive long-term yields as they consistently beat the market. The question is this:

Which Mercurius Strategy Should I Use?

Ultimately, we are confident that you will succeed in your dream of long-term profitability if you choose either one. However, DynamoXG is more suitable for investors who want the following:

  • A Higher Level of Activity: DynamoXG provides more than double the bets of PhoeniXG.
  • More Profitability: Though your bankroll will vary far more, in the end, Dynamo puts more money in your pocket in the long-term.
  • Greater Excitement: There’s a particular class of investors that enjoy the cut and thrust of volatile markets. For these individuals, DynamoXG will make a prized addition to the higher-risk end of their portfolio.
Annualized ROC 37%
Yield 9.04%
Average odds 4.06
Strike rate 34%
Tot bets 1695
Bets to recover 281

In the end, Dynamo is for the investor who understands the long game. These individuals accept the trade-off and don’t panic during periods of moderate to heavy drawdown. They, like us, have faith in the technology and know it will come bouncing back.

At present, it is unfortunately impossible to use both on the Betfair Exchange due to infrastructure restrictions. One day, clients can have both, but for now, choose the strategy that best suits your investing appetites. Either way, you’ll be a winner.