One pricing.

Pay based on bankroll. Pay based on performance.

Mainteinance fee:

2% of bankroll

Performance fee:

30% of RoC
  • Profits are shared once per quarter when positive
  • High-watermark: the performance is only shared if there has been a real vaue for you
  • Safeguard treshold: if the quarterly ROC is equal or less than 5% of the starting bankroll, there won’t be any performance share.
  • Discountable via referral program
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Automated payment

The payment method is fully automated, through the release of consent for a bank mandate. Invoices are billed via SEPA direct debit.

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No lockup period

You are free to stop the bot, besides the penalty fine there are no other costs. Your funds are safely held in your Betfair account.

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Tax Free

For residents in the UK and other countries profits earned via a betting exchange are tax-free.

Ready to diversify your portfolio?

Diversify your portfolio through sports trading:

  • extremely uncorrelated;
  • in most jurisdictions returns are taxt free;
  • no lock-up, exit your position instantly
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Frequently asked questions

What happens if I decide to close the portfolio?

The portfolio can be closed at any time, the only detail is that if it is closed before 200 bets are settled a penalty fee is applied which amounts to 5% of the bankroll at the moment the portfolio is closed. The purpose is to disincentivize an early closing of the portfolio because at the moment our AI needs around 1700 bets to have a performance which is considered statistically significative within a confidence interval of 95%.

Could you make a practical example of the fees?

An initial portfolio of 1000£ starts the maintenance fee of 20£ is paid. After one quarter it reaches 1100£ (performance shared 30£ and new high watermark at 1100£) after another quarter it reaches 1300£ (performance shared 60£ and new high watermark at 1300£). During the third quarter, it reaches 1350£, since 50£ is equal or less at 5% of the initial bankroll and there is a threshold safeguard no performance share is applied (still high watermark unchanged since there was no billing in the third quarter). Bankroll on Betfair at the end of the third quarter of 1350£. Amount paid via bank account 110£. Net return for the user 240£.

Why are you asking for a maintenance fee?

The scope of the maintenance fee is to partially cover our fixed productions costs. Mainly the servers. Still, all the company’s profits are paid via the performance share this ensures that there is no conflict of interest between the company and the end-users.