Sports Trading powered by Artificial Intelligence

The first bot for Betfair Exchange able to automatically spot the edge and bet for you

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How Tradr works in one minute

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Mercurius consistently finds value in the betting exchange. The AI analyzes more than 20.000 data points per match, evaluating the quality of chances created by each team. Because for us success is not about winning, it’s about making profitable choices.

Why using a trading bot driven by AI

We packed our AI technology into an easy to use web app to make value betting simple, scalable and completely hands free.

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Fully automated

Connect our bot to your Betfair account and we'll take it from there. All daily trading operations are completely hands-free: from value bets detection to order execution.

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Cloud webapp

No downloads required, our bot lives in the Amazon cloud: fast, reliable and secure. You can turn off your computer or smartphone and it will keep working for you 24/7.

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Keep using betfair as usual

You can keep using your Betfair account as usual. Our bot doesn't interfere with your own activities on Betfair.

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Increase your bankroll autonomously

We know it takes time to test the product. You can start with a small bankroll (1000£) and increase it when you're ready in just a few clicks.

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You're always in control

You can enable and disable the auto-trading every time you want, with just one click. And if you feel you earned enough, you can close it in just one click as well.

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Decoupled bankroll and wallet

The bot bets according to the starting bankroll you dedicated to it, and then compounds from there. It doesn't look at the actual amount you have in your Betfair wallet as long there are enough funds.

quantitative analysys on football

Quantitative Fundamental Analysis of sports data to find and exploit inefficient odds.

Mercurius Tradr crunches millions of data points by using machine learning algorithms to understand the real attack and defence skill and strength of a team. These ratings are used by our mathematical models to forecast the probabilities of the most likely outcomes of a match, and hence its fair odds.

Trading Methodology ➜
real probability forecasts

Different trading strategies for different risk appetites.

Being able to calculate nominal (or fair) odds puts us (and you) in a position of advantage. In fact, our betting strategy does not depend on liquidity movements. Instead, it exploits them. You will trade a value bet not because the crowd says so, but because teams are overperforming or outperforming.

Choose your trading strategy ➜

Start an automated trading strategy in 3 simple steps

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1. Set up a sports trading strategy

Once you have created a Tradr account, set up a new Sports Trading Portfolio by following the wizard. Choose the bankroll size, accept the fee structure, and set up the payment method.

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2. Connect your Betfair wallet and deposit the trading funds

Deposit the bankroll in your Betfair wallet and connect your Betfair account (.com accounts only) to your Mercurius Tradr account.

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3. Activate the strategy

Enable the automated strategy from your Mercurius dashboard. Our AI will start trading for you. Follow your Sports Trading Portfolio by checking how the strategy is performing in real time.

Do you want to know more about our latest sports trading strategies?

Download the Information Document to learn about:

  • The statistical models
  • The trading approach
  • Leagues and portfolio composition
  • Yearly and monthly P&L (profits and losses)

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