The principles behind Mercurius’ betting investments technology..

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The Ultimate Guide to Value Betting

written by Mercurius

Our Value Betting Guide will teach you about the basic concepts to win long-term against Bookmakers and Betting Exchanges.

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2 Value Betting Strategies to Help You Achieve Long-Term Profit

written by Mercurius

In this second article of the Value Betting series, you’ll learn about two of the main strategies used by pro.

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Value Betting Software - What Should You Choose?

written by Mercurius

By now, you understand that a value bet is a wager where the odds are in your favour. You are also aware that bookmakers occasionally make errors...

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Rise of the Robots! How Value Betting Bots Will Change The Way You Bet, Forever

written by Mercurius

The betting industry is now worth billions of pounds per year in the United Kingdom alone, not to mention the vast markets of other nations...

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Value Betting Versus Matched Betting: Let Battle Commence!

written by Mercurius

In what is the first of three articles pitting value betting against other options, we focus on how matched betting compares...

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Round 2! Value Betting Versus Sports Trading

written by Mercurius

In part 2 of our comparison series, we look at how value betting compares to sports trading...

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Round 3! Value Betting Versus Arbitrage Betting

written by Mercurius

Also known as ‘arbing,’ arbitrage betting is the practice of wagering on all outcomes in a market...

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3 ways big data is changing finance forever

written by Mercurius

Everyday computers process 2.5 quintillion bytes as a crucial element in choosing the right investments on financial markets and algorithms generate 60-70% of stock exchange trades...

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How technology has changed sports betting for good

written by Mercurius

The sports betting market has always been a laboratory for the development of new technologies ...

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How big data analysis is changing sports

written by Mercurius

If we can accurately capture the movements of football or volleyball players, how can algorithms process this data to give us important information?...

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Value investing and value betting: a comparison between two type of investments.

written by Mercurius

Value investing and sports betting aren’t really that different and you’ll learn that you can apply the same principles in your bets...

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Best Portfolio: The Importance Of Diversification

written by Mercurius

A portfolio is a combination of financial assets like stocks, bonds, cash, commodities and currencies. Portfolios may be held by individual investors and/or managed by financial professionals, hedge funds, banks and other financial institutions ...

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Value betting: what it is and how it works

written by Mercurius

Are you tired of losing your sports bets? Well if you want to stop simply being an aficionado and become a true professional of sports betting, ...

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What is Modern Portfolio Theory and how to apply it to sports

written by Mercurius

Modern Portfolio Theory is an economic theory developed by Harry Markowitz in 1952 in his paper “Portfolio Selection”, published in the Journal of Finance. In 1990 he was awarded a Nobel Prize in Economics for his work and his theory is still one of the most popular and successful investing strategies in Wall Street ...

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Value investing: 5 fundamentals to know

written by Mercurius

Value investing is a strategy where an investor selects stocks with a lower price on the market than their intrinsic value. The father of value investing is considered to be Benjamin Graham, an American investor and economist, ...

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Prediction Markets: Principles and Practice

written by Mercurius

Prediction Markets are the crystal ball of our times, they help us make more accurate forecasts about the future: from who is likely to be the next U.S. president to which team will win the 2020 Champions League...

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Alternative asset classes: a comparison between finance and sports betting

written by Mercurius

A comparision between financial markets and sports betting to highlight the similarities they have in common...