About us

Mercurius Betting Intelligence is a company that specialises in the development of betting models and sports prediction. It uses Artificial Intelligence to discover overpriced wagers on the Betfair Exchange. The goal of the brand is to turn betting markets into an accessible asset class using new technologies.

Mercurius points out that it is a form of investment that avoids the downturns associated with global financial markets. The company has its headquarters in Milan, Italy.


A group of mathematicians, Fabrizio Machella (CEO), Mario Ciardulli (CMO), and Lorenzo Malanga (CRO), founded the company in 2017. The company believes sports betting should become a ‘new alternative asset class,’ and provide further diversification for the portfolios of investors. Mercurius consists of a wide array of individuals with backgrounds in sports trading, design, mathematics, and engineering.

The team

Our team is a group of curious and creative nerds based in Milan. We are open, collaborative, and use our collective experience, design and technical expertise to exploit the possibilities of artificial intelligence in the world of sports betting. We embrace new challenges with a honest heart, a hunger to learn, and a passion for solving problems as a team.

Our habitat

Our headquarter is located in a coworking space inside the Navigli area of Milan, Tribo. We spend our working days in this beautiful environment with many other startups, sharing our ideas and points of view as well as the love of the office’s dog, Rio.