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Mercurius offers a premium sports trading platform for professional sports traders and investors to build and execute automated betting strategies based on machine learning (artificial intelligence) and statistical techniques.

Mercurius Tradr

Fully automated sports trading strategies for Betfair Exchange

Trader is the first Betfair application offering a value betting strategy with a fully automated, quantitative approach based on AI. If you are looking for a new sports trading strategy to differentiate your betting portfolio without adding extra effort, Mercurius is the answer.

Do you have a .com account on Betfair?
Try our end to end solution, no effort required.

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Mercurius Advisor

Weekly value bets calculated by AI based on your risk profile

Advisor will spot the best value bets in the market. Use the power of our artificial Intelligence for sports betting to make informed decisions. Tradr will scan more than 34 leagues over 30 bookmakers, to spot the best betting signals based on the betting strategy you chose.

Try our robo-tipster, you’ll get advices and you can place bets manually on your favourite sportsbooks.

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Technology for Asset Management

Mercurius offers his technology to investment firms to create custom trading strategies and sports trading software

Use Mercurius technology to create a new alternative asset class based on sports betting. Offer our standard strategies or tailor them according to your clients' risk appetite and needs. You will give them the chance to have in their portfolio an asset class highly uncorrelated, highly liquid and with a positive return regardless of whether the market is bull or bear.

Mercurius Advisor Intelligence screenshot

Use Mercurius AI technology to tackle sports betting like an investor

Betting intelligence is Mercurius' proprietary artificial intelligence entirely focused on sports betting: statistical models leveraging on machine learning algorithms to crunch sports data and price odds. Our platform is a modular toolkit dedicated to helping sports traders and professional investors gain an edge over the market.

Why Mercurius


    Without a line of code or a PhD in mathematics, you will be able to leverage millions of data points gathered and crunched for you.

  • State of the art sports data, digested and delivered

    Thanks to our partnership with Wyscout we can access a database of 450,000 monitored football players and 250 worldwide analysed competitions.

  • A modern technology for a modern product

    We use a custom stack focused on data science (Apache Spark, R, Stan, Java, Ruby, Mysql, PostgreSQL and AWS tools like EMR) to create solid back testing tools and to prove our assumptions against real software.

  • An agile team delivering high quality code

    Quality, Courage, Feedback, Precision are our principle in a collaborative and respectful environment. We practice TDD, CI, CD within a mixed Kanban/XP methodology

  • Tailored solutions based on you business

    Mercurius team can support you to translate your business needs into custom betting strategies or tools. We’re tech and betting experts able to assist you on any challenge.

  • A proprietary software and a unique approach

    Our technology is the result of 3 years of research and development, tested by more than 2000 customers during the last three years.

Technology key-pillars

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    Detailed sports data on team performances

    We analyse more than 1M datapoints to create a snapshot of teams' strenghts and weakenesses.

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    Mathematical models and prediction engines

    Constant research to describe sports through math and to implement predictive technology.

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    Odds compiling
    and comparison

    We built a technology able to estimate the fair price of a bet and to spot mismatched prices comparing the lines of the best bookmakers in the industry

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    Risk optimisation models and strategy creation

    We research financial risk optimisation models, to build betting strategies aimed at optimising returns and spreading risks on as many events as possible.

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    Execution and

    We integrate with bookmakers' API to enable you to automate your betting strategies and get the highest value from the market.

  • Yes we’re nerds, and proud. That’s why you’ll love us.

    – Lorenzo Malanga, CTO –

Our technical partners

wyscout logo

450,000 monitored football players, over 220,000 catalogued games, 250 worldwide analyzed competitions.

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Full season fixtures and odds, historical data up to 12 years; livescores, weather reports and more on 500+ soccer leagues

We're no genius, we simply know the business really well.

The betting business today

  • Driven by the crowd knowledge

    In sports betting prices are driven by the crowd sentiment, and not by numbers nor performances.

  • Poor r&d on technology

    Contrary to the common belief, bookmakers invest little resources in R&D and price optimisations.

  • driven by marketing

    Most of the bookmaker's budget goes on marketing to attract users and money.

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Mercurius financial approach

  • Leveraging on the crowd noise

    The noise generated by the crowd creates odds fluctuations, and our technology is able to turn them into an opportunity.

  • Research as a state of mind

    Mercurius' core activity is research: building new models, strategies and tools is the reason why we are in business in the first place.

  • Driven by numbers

    Our products are completely data driven, for us sports is made solely of numbers.

mercurius professor

Founding Team

  • picture of fabrizio machella
    Fabrizio Machella CEO

    Digital Entrepreneur and Agile Software Architect; he is responsible for the company administration, contract negotiation and to design the backbones of Mercurius technologies.

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  • picture of lorenzo malanga
    Lorenzo Malanga Chairman and CRO

    Chairman and head of the scientific research, he designs the engines behind Mercurius technologies and he takes care of company finances.

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  • picture of mario ciardulli
    Mario Ciardulli CMO

    Head of design and marketing, he transforms Mercurius technology into viable services and solutions, and builds the company marketing and sales activity.

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  • picture of emmanuele cangianelli
    Emmanuele Cangianelli Strategy and Compliance Advisor

    Strategy and compliance consultant working with the Italian Gambling Authority and some of the biggest operators in the EU regulated countries since 2000.

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  • picture of Anton Kaszubowski
    Anton Kaszubowski Business Advisor

    Senior executive and business owner, with over 17 years experience in investment banking, strategic consulting and the gaming industry.

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